RSI’s patented technology is the most advanced and comprehensive
predictive-analytics inventory-optimization tool on the market.
Best of all, it’s affordable and can be deployed in days.


What If …

All supply-chain professionals have experienced the situation where you believe changing a couple specific inventory parameters will optimize your environment, only to find out the changes did not have the impact you desired.

The problem is, you have to make changes and wait a substantial amount of time for the results given real-world adoption time.

What if you could simulate those changes and understand the impact within minutes!

Good news, you can! Work smarter not harder by simulating the impact of changes to your supply-chain with RSI’s “what-if” capabilities!

With RSI’s “what-if” capability you can understand the impact of a change in

  • Lead Time
  • Target Service Level
  • Forecast Trend
  • Probability of Order Cancellation
  • Fixed Reorder Interval
  • ROQ
  • Order Multiple
  • Replenishment Method
  • Management of Outliers