What Drives RSI’s Analytical Engine?


Patented Methodology & Technology

The US Patent and Trademark Office deemed RSI’s methodology and technology sufficiently innovative and effective to award patent protection. Of course we’re honored but more importantly, our approach met patent criteria because it uses customer and ‘school of hard knocks’ proven techniques to best define how much inventory you should have.

Advanced Statistical & Predictive Analytics

RSI auto-selects the right statistics based on your demand pattern. This is critical! You can’t use normal statistics to analyze intermittent data. So first step, we’ll pick the right statistics to fit each item’s potentially unique situation.

Monte Carlo Simulation

Items are run through over 2,000 simulations to find the inventory level that will most effectively achieve the desired service level without excess. Are you doing this today with your current inventory planning tools? It’s never too late to start.

High-Performance Cloud Architecture

Initial statistical evaluation and massive analytical iterations are computationally demanding. The cloud architecture of RSI enables it to harness distributed, powerful servers and accomplish all of the above in seconds. Try that in a spreadsheet.