Supply Chain Top 100 Thought Leader & Tech CEO Sarah Barnes-Humphrey Mentions Right Sized Inventory

Michael Worden

Sarah Barnes-Humphrey (Tech CEO & SC Top 100 Thought Leader) made an announcement regarding her newest Podcast, Episode #75 Startup And New Technology In Supply Chain. Therein, she mentions “Some really cool start ups to watch…” And what do you know, Right Sized Inventory gets a mention


Sarah Barnes Humphrey’s role is as a host for interviews, podcasts, webinars and panel discussions spark engaging conversations with fresh perspectives that create value for the supply chain community. Her podcast, Lets Talk Supply Chain (which also features JOC.com senior editor Eric Johnson) highlights diverse voices, companies to watch and journeys to success from women in SC on the podcast. Sarah is a logistician turned SC marketer, passionate about bringing stories to life, Recently named Top 100 most influential Women in Canadian SC by SCMA, Top 100 global women leaders in SC and Top 100 B2B women thought leaders to follow in 2020.


Sarah also brings brand stories’ to life through videos, webinars, live events and virtual panel discussions. The SC, Supply Chain TV is Sarah’s YouTube channel where she highlights video content from thought leaders in the industry. Sarah has spent the past 20 years in logistics and SC learning everything she can, and recently ventured off on her own to grow the LTSC brand. Sarah is also the Co-Founder and CEO of Shipz Inc, a new technology platform encompassing all of her experience and knowledge in supply chain bringing innovative, collaborative ideas together on own platform for the SC industry.


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Want to read more about Right Sized Inventory? Check out the article Article in Response to Lora Cecere’s article “The COVID-19 Supply Chain Recovery”


About Right Sized Inventory: RSI’s patented technology is the most advanced and comprehensive predictive-analytics inventory-optimization tool on the market. Best of all, it’s affordable and can be deployed in days.


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