RSI's patented technology is the most advanced and comprehensive
predictive-analytics inventory-optimization tool on the market.
Best of all, it's affordable and can be deployed in days.

Our Founders

Right Sized Inventory started in 2014 as a collaboration between two dedicated inventory optimization enthusiasts, Dave Cook and David McPhetrige (McP). With combined experience of over 40 years in inventory and supply chain management, they worked together to turn McP’s patented technology into a product that could help thousands of small and medium sized businesses. To jump start the company, they joined forces with investor Chris Koski and software developer extraordinaire Steve Cook, to get Right Sized Inventory off the ground and in the cloud.

About Right Sized Inventory

Right Sized Inventory’s patented predictive analytics inventory planning and optimization technology was created by a team with deep background in supply chain operations, inventory planning and statistical analysis. Like many innovations, RSI came from painful experiences in our past lives where we just didn’t feel like we had the tools to do our jobs right.We spent many years as supply chain consultants where we observed inventory planning practices that could have been significantly improved with better tools. Our mission is to take the guesswork out of estimating the right amount of inventory for your business. We believe that without the right tools, most companies either don’t set inventory levels using effective math and science, or they invest too much time attempting to get to the right answers.

Experience Where it Counts

We have a team of highly qualified consultants with broad experience in overall supply chain management and deep expertise specific to inventory planning and replenishment. Whatever your inventory optimization challenge, reach out to us. We’ll either assemble a resolution plan that we know will work, or we’ll preserve our integrity and refer you to other solution providers.

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